Arches in the city of Cusco

Arches in the city of Cusco

A large number of arches were built in Cusco during the colonial period. Some were to channel water (aqueducts), others to mark limits and serve as an entrance to the cities. In colonial Cusco, the arch demarcated Spanish society and its separation from natural society (apparently understood then as the indigenous population).

Santa Clara Arch

At the southern end of the Plaza de San Francisco is a limestone monument with a large arch in the center and smaller arches on each side. At the top of the monument is the Statue of Liberty, carved by order of Governor José Medina, who built an arch called the “Arco de la Libertad” to permanently commemorate the liberation of Peruvians from the threatening Spanish tutelage.

Arco de Santa Clara

St. Andrew’s Arch

Unfortunately this is the Arch of the Republic, one of the buildings that did not survive the 1950 earthquake, and was rebuilt in 1998, changing its original shape. The structure is now almost entirely concrete instead of the original stone structure. The increase in the number of vehicles led to the widening of the central arch, which is evident in the current situation.

Arco de San Andrés

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