Love and marriage were sacred in the Inca culture

Sacred love and marriage in the Inca culture and stay in a colonial hotel in Cusco.

The Inca Empire, which ruled much of South America in the 15th and 16th centuries, had a rich culture and traditions that continue to influence the region to this day. Among these is the tradition of love and marriage, which was considered a sacred bond in Inca society.

Marriage in the Inca Empire was generally arranged, with families coming together to choose suitable partners for their children. However, this did not mean that love was not a part of the equation. In fact, it was expected that couples would grow to love each other and build a relationship based on mutual respect and admiration.

The wedding ceremony was an important event and was steeped in ritual and tradition. There were many gifts and offerings presented to the gods, and dances and songs were performed to celebrate the union.

The most important celebration related to marriage in Inca culture is Inti Raymi, also known as the Festival of the Sun. This festival is held in the city of Cusco in the month of June and is a tribute to the sun, the main deity in the Inca religion. During the celebration, a procession is held with many dances and songs in honor of the sun, and offerings and sacrifices are made to ensure a good harvest.

Inti Raymi is also an opportunity to honor marriage and union. During the celebration, young couples could reaffirm their commitments and seal their marriages with a sacred union. This tradition demonstrates the importance of marriage in Inca culture and how it was considered a divine blessing.

In conclusion, love and marriage in Inca culture were considered sacred and regulated by laws and established traditions. Although marriages were generally arranged, it was expected that love and mutual respect would be part of the relationship. The Inca wedding was an important ceremony and the most important celebration related to marriage in Inca culture is Inti Raymi, a festival that honors the sun and union.

If you visit the city of Cusco, be sure to attend Inti Raymi and experience this ancient and richly cultural tradition. While here, why not stay in a colonial hotel and experience the beauty and historical richness of the region? In Rojas Inn hotel, you can immerse yourself in Inca culture and live a unique and authentic experience.



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