The Cathedral of Cusco

The Cathedral of Cusco

The Cathedral of Cusco is an imposing religious building located in the heart of the old city. Built in the 16th century on the remains of an Inca temple, the cathedral is an excellent example of Spanish colonial architectural style in Peru. With its impressive vaults, paintings, sculptures and religious objects, the cathedral is a must-visit for any traveler who wants to learn about the history and culture of Cusco.

From the Hotel Rojas Inn, a 3-star hotel located a few steps from Cusco's Main Square, you can enjoy the cathedral and the rest of the old city. The hotel has colonial rooms and an indoor restaurant for a comfortable and relaxed stay. Book your room at the Hotel Rojas Inn and discover the beauty of Cusco Cathedral!.

It is important to note that the Cathedral of Cusco is more than just a religious building. It is a monument to the history and culture of the city, combining Inca and Spanish elements in its architecture and decoration. The baroque façade is a showcase of Spanish style, while its location in the main square and the incorporation of Inca elements in its construction show the influence of pre-Columbian culture in the city.

In addition to the cathedral, Cusco is known for its Inca ruins and cobblestone streets from colonial times. It is an ideal place for history and culture lovers, offering a unique and enriching experience for travelers. By staying at the Hotel Rojas Inn, you will have easy access to the cathedral and the rest of the old city, allowing you to fully enjoy your visit. Don't wait, book your room today!.

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